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who we are

We’re a mobile service provider with a mission to support every community sports club in Australia!

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Already have a LOCO Mobile SIM?

LOCO Mobile will give your local sports club up to $5 every month for every club supporter that connects to a LOCO Mobile plan.

All you need to do is order a SIM online, connect to a mobile plan that best suits you and your needs, then log onto our Members page and assign your mobile number to the club you want to support.

Know someone who’d be interested in supporting their local sports club the same way you do?  Use the links below to tell them about LOCO Mobile today!

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We Support Your Club & Community

We’re sure there’s a club you cheer on. Now, you can go a step further and support them off the field by contributing to their fundraising.

Why LOCO Mobile?

We Support Your Community

Our profits go back to the local community

Australia’s Trusted Network

Covering more than 97.9% of the poulation with 4G

No Bill Shock

No unexpected fees and no excess data charges

Bring Your Own Number

You can bring your own number from any network to LOCO

Commonly Asked Questions

You can change your plan whenever you like, just know that when you do change, it will be effective immediately, and any unused allowances at the time will be forfeited.

You can make unlimited calls to certain destinations when you’re on the $35 or $50 Mobile plans.

Included destinations for $25 Mobile plans
Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, USA.

Included destinations for $35 and $50 Mobile plans
Bangladesh, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK, USA.

If you’re bringing your number with you to LOCO Mobile, you’ll need to know the date of birth you used to sign up to your current plan if you are on pre-paid, or your account number if you are a post-paid customer.

If you’re unsure of your contract status, it’s best you check with your current service provider before bringing your service to LOCO Mobile as you may be liable for termination charges. The good news with LOCO Mobile is that if you want to leave us, you’re free to go without any nasty charges.

You won’t be able to use the internet of any apps that require data. We will send you a SMS notification at 50% and 85%, so you’ll know when you’re getting close to your limit. We will also send you a SMS notification when you reach 100% of your allowance. You can also top-up your data by login into your account here

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