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Our Story

Our mission is to support every community sports club in Australia

LOCO Mobile was founded by three dads with a passion for local sports. They wanted to find a way to give back to the local sports clubs their children were involved in. Almost everyone has a local sports club they support unconditionally through thick and thin, be it Football, Netball, Soccer, Basketball, or any number of other sports Aussie kids play, and now you too can support your local sports club off the field in a unique and useful way.

The value of local community sports clubs

Sport, more than anything else, brings together people of all different ages, genders and backgrounds, creating strong, cohesive communities. This is why Local Community Sports Clubs are the fabric of our communities. They are not just the heartbeat but the heart itself — pumping life into and around the rest of the community.

A major challenge faced by clubs today

Among the major challenges faced by local sports clubs prior to Covid was fundraising. Now in a pandemic & the post-pandemic world, these difficulties are only set to compound. The current conditions have not only brought sport’s important role in our communities to a screeching halt but also raised question marks over the survival of sports clubs in Australia.

Giving local community sports clubs a fighting chance

LOCO Mobile will donate up to $5 every month to the local sports club and league of your choice when you connect to an eligible mobile plan – and the donation will be continued to be paid for as long as you stay connected.

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